Monday, January 20, 2020

Author Business Plan

The main purpose of this post is not only to check in but also to provide a little more information around what "Edmund Lloyd Fletcher" is about as an author.

Backing up a step, I was recently reading an ebook that said, "the reason why most authors fail is that they do not treat their writing career like a business".  The book went on to explain how most authors don't have a business plan. 

...Which I also didn't! *Ghasp!*

Therefore I freaked out, dropped everything, and wrote one up.  Even being only a few hours old, I feel like it has already helped to provide some guidance and direction.

I thought it would be a great idea to share the business plan here on the website so my readers can get to know me and what I'm about.  Also, I think that other authors can benefit as far as inspiration in making up their own plan.

(Naturally there are some portions I've held back from posting online, but I've left the headings in place for you authors out there.)

Business plan - Edmund Lloyd Fletcher

Mission statement

To fill the under-served niche of Christian-based novels with high levels of action and excitement.  Moreover, to encourage Christians to live the adventure of following God's call.

Tag line / Motto

Live YOUR adventure!

Core values

  • Compelling stories that make the reader think about life.
  • Flawed, but faithful heroes that the reader can identify personally with.
  • Villains so "reasonable" in their thought processes that the reader can identify with.
  • Clean from sexual content and perverse speech. (Even including pseudo-cusswords.)
  • Portray worlds in keeping with the Christian worldview. (eg. Magic is always evil, etc)
  • Encourage the reader to get out there and live the adventure of life!
  • Message should flow in a non-preachy way such that a complete atheist could read the book
  • Target audience

  • Faithful Christians
  • Avid readers
  • primarily young adult eager for adventures of life
  • also older people "stuck in a rut" and desiring adventure
  • Available assets

  • programming skills
  • wife with people skills + facebook skills
  • kids with vivid imagination
  • kids who are readers
  • old christian film contacts
  • church family
  • Short-term goals

  • Release a book every three months
  • Teach classes (how to publish your own book in today's world)
  • Speaking events?
  • Long-term goals

  • 20 novels
  • Ultimate goal

  • To be able to make a living from my writing.
  • Syndicate "Edmund Lloyd Fletcher"
  • Action plan

  • Get The Third Crown out ASAP!
  • ... [other items redacted] ...
  • Support team

    Potential writing partners


    Beta readers




    Reviewers (send advanced-reader copies)


    Promotion Locations


    Advertising Locations