Friday, May 6, 2016

Update: Email List! Woot!

Hey all, here's an update.

You probably noticed the pop-up that greeted you when you visited the page.
(It's not too annoying is it?  I just didn't want people to miss out.  If it's obnoxious, tell me and I'll see about putting the form somewhere else.)

The point of that is you can get notified of new story installments as soon as they come out so you don't miss any of the action.

Also, if you recall the last blog entry, I wanted to make the ebook free for people who have been following along with the episodes.  It dawned on me I had no way to keep track of that with just the blog.  Therefore, if you want the ebook for free at the end, you'll have to at least be signed up by the last chapter.

No rush, obviously (how's that for pushy sales skills?) since the first chapter isn't out till later this week.  But you might want to do it while you're thinking about it.   It would be sad to forget and miss out.  (Like I probably would.)

Believe-you-me, it wasn't an easy stunt to pull off!  I spent all yesterday quagmired in paperwork.  All I wanted to do was to create an email list.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, it's NOT!

Turns out the gov has mandated that you need a physical address on an email list.  Why?  For reasons that only make sense to a politician, apparently.

But to get a physical mailing address, you need to be a "real" person, which Fletcher is a pen name.

So I call the family attorney.  "How do you get around this?"

"A way around the Post Office bureaucracy?", he says between belly laughs.  (This was not encouraging.)

After he contains himself enough to form sentences, he says the only way is to form a corporation.

So to cut the rest of the story short, after a couple hundred bucks in miscellaneous fees, filling out a mountain of paperwork, re-entering my entire home address no less than eight (I counted) times and securing a federal business tax id for all of the employees I won't be hiring, I am pleased to announce...

I can now *legally* send an email!  Ta-da!

You know, sometimes I look at lawless post-apocalyptic wasteland stories like Mad Max and go, "Sounds good!  Sign me up!"

Anyway, that's enough complaining.  The list is alive and kicking now, so you should all sign up.

Live YOUR adventure (despite the paperwork ;) ),
 -E.L. Fletcher

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