Monday, April 18, 2016

New feature: FREE stories!

Hi everybody!  Got a great new feature I'm going to be starting, but first some background.

I asked myself one vivacious April morn,  "Self", asked I, "what's the most annoying thing thing for me as a reader."

To which I replied,  "Dude, what?  Why are you asking me?  I mean, either you know or you don't, so..."


"Okay, okay!  Easy, there!

"I'd say the worst part for a reader is waiting around for the sequels.  Like, when you get finished with the book and you're climbing the walls waiting to see what happens next.

"In fact, a lot of times the only reason I visit an author's blog (like this one) is that I want to see what's the hold-up?"

So after a little brainstorming (and some sock puppet psychotherapy from talking to myself), I came up with this idea:  What if I take the characters from the book, and release an online series of adventurers?  That way you, the fans wouldn't have to wait months and months for the book.

Well, I mean you technically would still have to wait for the book, but the minis would keep the excitement alive -- like snacks between meals to satisfy your hunger.

Here's where I need you:  Simply let me know if you have any comments on the questions to follow.
(If you want to chime in, please drop me a line at the fanmail email address over on the blog's right sidebar, or on whatever social media of your choice.)

1) What do you think about the idea?  As a reader, would you follow a series of adventures online?  Would that appeal to you?

2) Which do you think would be more exciting per installment:
a.  A complete short story every time.
b.  More frequent, but shorter installments, like a newspaper comic strip.
c.  Somewhere in between.  More like a running TV episode.
d. Other _____________________

3) How long would you like a particular storyline to go on?
a. A complete story every time.
b. Ongoing forever, where one adventure melds into the next.  (Like comic books.)
c. Whatever.  Go for awhile till the story naturally ends.
d. About this long ______________ (in time or in episodes)

4)   I thinking about after the story is complete, wrapping the installments all together in a downloadable ebook.  If I did that, would you rather see:
a. The ebook is free for everybody.
b. The ebook is cheap (like only a buck or two), but free to those who were subscribed to the series.
c. Don't bother.  I'd rather just read it off the blog/email than download an ebook.
d. I hate ebooks. I'd rather pay the printing cost if I could get it in printed paper book.

Well, let me know your opinions on those questions or any other things you can think of.

Live YOUR Adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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