Monday, May 16, 2016

Juggernaught - a FREE adventure story!

This is the central hub for my new serial:

eys to a California mansion change hands.

Old heroes fade away.
New ones are raised up.
Smoke and steel are seen on the horizon...

Once again, the world is in turmoil and only one group - the Moast Bible Study - stands between a smart-dressed warlord and his diabolical plans of world domination!


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About the Book:
I'll be releasing this book in 1-2 chapter installments over the coming weeks.

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Chapter Links:
Part I - The Transition
Chapter 1 - Walt
Chapter 2 - Passing the Torch
Chapter 3 - The Transition
Chapter 4 - Peregrini
Chapter 5 - Moving Day
Chapter 6 - New Recruits
Chapter 7 - Illyricum
Chapter 8 - Kurt's Mission
Part II - Zombie Cult [Author's Intro]
Chapter 9 - NiƱera
Chapter 10 - Tour Group
Chapter 11 - Friends
Chapter 12 - Barbarians!
Chapter 13 - Pagan Lands
Chapter 14 - Stolen Artifact
Chapter 15 - Gran Prix, Bosnia
Chapter 16 - Seebeck Tower
Chapter 17 - California
Chapter 18 - Abduction
Chapter 19 - Bad Pastry
Chapter 20 - Grandson
Chapter 21 - Mice in the Walls
Chapter 22 - Mice in the Attic
Chapter 23 - Boiler Room
Chapter 24 - The Decisions We Make I
Chapter 25 - The Decisions We Make II
Chapter 26 - Back Into the Frying Pan
Chapter 27 - Zombie Wars
Chapter 28 - Sea of Regrets
Chapter 29 - Crazy
Chapter 30 - Walking Away
Part III - Juggernaught
Chapter 31 - The Road Home
Chapter 32 - Ruined Town

Chapter 33 - Airport
Chapter 34 - Trailer Park
Chapter 35 - Surprise Guests
Chapter 36 - Juggernaught
Chapter 37 - Another Way
Chapter 38 - Airplane
Chapter 39 - When Titans Collide
Chapter 40 - World's Worst Chaperone
Promo Video:
NOTE: The book mockup in this video uses my old cover.

Q.  So this is "FREE"?  What's the catch?
A.  No catch.  Just click the chapters above and enjoy the story!
Q. How often will new story installments be released?
A. I'm shooting for a week to ten days.

Q. I see an email list.  Do I need to sign up to get the story?
A. No.  You read it right here, same as the people on the email list.  BUT...

Q. What advantage is there to signing up for the email list?
A. Mostly, there are two:
* You get updates on free and published material, so you never miss out on a thing.
* You'll also be able to get the final ebook for FREE.

Q. Is there an ebook I can download?
A. Not yet, but there will be. When all the chapters are done being published here, I'll compile them into an ebook.

Q.  How much will the ebook cost?
A.  Free for those on the email list at time of release.  Around $2-$3 USD for everybody else.

Q. Will the final ebook be different than the chapters here?
A. Absolutely!
* These installments have not been though a professional editor.
* Many of your corrections / ideas in the blog comments will be added.
* There will be additional chapters in the ebook - mainly to give it context as a prequel.
Q. Did you know "juggernaught" should be spelled "juggernaut"?
A. Yes.  I chose the 'gh' like in "dreadnought" because it sounded cooler to me.  "naut" sounds too mellow, much like, "astronaut".  The 'g' seems to have a silent growl to it.  (Or is it just me?)

Q. What is a juggernaut, anyway?
A. A juggernaut is an enormous Hindu wagon used to carry idols in processions.  They are renown for plowing ahead and crushing everything and anyone stupid enough to stand in the way.  Both of these traits apply to the story.
Q. Is this "the book" you've been working on?
A. Nope.  That's going to be another story completely, set in the same world with many of the same characters.  This online story is a prequel story to that.
Q. Is this story already written, or not?
A. A little of both.  I have the entire thing outlined and certain key chapters already written.  Each week, I'll still be finishing that particular chapter according to the blueprint.
Q. What if I have another question?
A. Ask me!  My social media links are on the right, or you can email me directly at the following address:
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