Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First Snow of the Season

Aaaannd... it's snowing.
I guess that isn't too surprising.  I was just hoping I'd have a few more weeks of fair weather to get the outside projects under control.  But hey, what can you do?

Hello again, everybody.  Got some great writing done today.  I made some pretty significant progress on the re-write.  Both of those that have read it so far have responded, "yeah, I think that fits better".

Also, the other night I was sleeping fitfully and having bizarre dreams. (Which is unusual for me.  Normally, bed time?  Hit the "off" switch and I'm gone till morning.)

Anyway, one of the dreams was so interesting I woke up and wrote it down as fast as I could before I lost it.   I actually got a pretty complete outline down.

Unfortunately the story line is for a romance novel, which is not really along the adventure genre that I want the Fletcher name to be known for.

My DW has read it, and really liked the concept though.  It is a good story and an important one that should be told.  I'm just not sure what to do with it now.

I'll probably let it incubate on the shelf while I try to get the current projects completed.

Anyway, I think I'll cut off the blog entry with that.   After all, it's date night tonight, and I've got some hot pot-stickers and a even hotter gal waiting.

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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