Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Just for fun, (and the fact that I'm considering cutting it), I've attached the book's prolog below!

And even if it does get cut, you can be all hipster and in-the-know, like you're having overpriced coffee or something and you say, "Oh yeah.  I know that book.  In fact, I even read the original beginning."

And they'll be all, "No way."

And then you can ask Siri or whoever is in charge those days, and they whole rest of the party will be nudging eachother, going, "Wow!  That guy must be hip and in-the-know!", as you simply fold your arms and nod sagely.

Something like that.

(Also, if you want to PM me on social media or use the email address here on the blog, you can try to talk me away from the ledge if you really like it.)

Live  YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher


It happened in the old days.  The age of technology.

The world in those days was alive with tension - like a coiled spring about ready to burst.  World superpowers glared at one another from across (and within) the Earth's great seas.  Ghastly weapons bristled every shore.  Nasties of all kinds, so insidious that they that should never have even been dreamt of, let alone built. 

But built, they were, and in staggering numbers.

Dictators, benevolent and otherwise, amassed great hordes of them.

It was all one big powder keg.  All it needed was a spark.  One leader, more desperate and diabolical than the rest, to gauge the situation, to see the weak link, and to act.  A man like that could knock over the whole house of cards with but the slightest breath and set himself up as master above it all.  Yes, the time was indeed ripe for a bid world domination. 

Tyrants had arisen many times before, but now the pieces were in place for it to happen on a truly global scale.  In the past, innocent people could run, or hide, or immigrate, or defect.  This time there would be no place to run and no place to hide.  In such a universal oppression, there would be no hope of escape in any form.  There could be nothing besides neverending serfdom... or death.  To the cruel dictator in charge, it would matter little which.

Looking back it's easy to see, just like looking back at the Nazis rise to power makes it seem so obvious what was about to happen.  But those who live in such times are always so strangely blind to things going down right before their very eyes.  Blind to their freedoms disappearing one by one.  Blind to seeing what it all pointed towards.

The tyrant in question was not hypothetical like some logic exercise.  He was a real man, who really existed and indeed his minions were already in place!  The hammer blow was about to fall.  The clock was ticking off the final seconds.  And there was only one person, the unlikeliest if heroes, who could change the outcome.

As surely as these good days were built upon the ruins of those, so it is for all of history.  This adventure begins, not in the age of technology, but in a time thousands of years prior, with a mighty people, both ancient and forgotten.

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