Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dances with Dustbunnies

What a day.   It took hours but I finally resolved a bathtub leak that the previous owner had going on for who knows how long.  Turns out that if you use glue-together drain fittings that it helps to glue them on STRAIGHT!

But I got a new one and fixed it though.

In the process, I spent so much time in the subfloor with the dust bunnies and spiders that they have adopted me as one of their own.  Big ceremony.  Lots of drums.  I am now a member of the tribe.

Random topic change!

I haven't heard much back on the sneak peek I posted, so hopefully it piqued peoples' interest.

What worked out well as a promo piece is that, while setting up the gameboard for the story, it still gives nothing away. 

All this huge, crazy stuff going on!  What's going to happen!??  You don't know!

This emoticon represents you salivating for more.

Or, at least I hope so.

As for me, however, I'm off to do some important fiction research.  Or, in other words, kick back with a paperback and space out a little before I have to get up at 3:AM and start all over again.

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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