Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Self-Flagellation and Cat in the Hat

Missed a couple of days blogging there.  That's not good.  That's really, really, really not good.

Why so bad?  Well, I've tried to keep a journal several times before.  Inevitably I found that each entry began starting with, "I haven't written in awhile, but..."
I don't want to see that happen again.  Not here.  You guys deserve more.

But enough self-flagellation.

Finally forked over the 50 bux for a license for the art program I've been using.  Sure, that's not a lot of dough in the scheme of things, but right now...!  Nevertheless, it does lay down a challenge -- that I've got to complete this thing or it means I'm just buying, not investing.  And that's flat-out stupid right now.

Jump cut.  I printed out the first eight pages (not consecutive) yesterday and overlayed the pages of an actual book with them to see how they'd look.  There were a pile of issues that came to light, of course, but overall, I can see it working out. (Ossum!)

Jump cut.  For some reason the on-demand publisher's customer relations department won't get back with me on paper choices though.  What's up with that?  I mean, am I here to buy things, or what??

So, yeah, that's more or less the catch-up.

Tomorrow I'll look at revamping the verse of the thing.  (The rhyme scheme is a trainwreck!)  And that way I know how big the block of text for each page will be.  I never realized what a chicken-and-egg thing that is with picture books.  You need the text so you know how much space it will take in the picture, but you need the pictures so you can get the timing right for the text.

I'm thinking text first is probably the best plan though.  That, with the caveat of keeping in mind what the illustrations might be and where they'll go in the general flow of it.

That, while baking a cake, balancing a fish bowl on your nose, etc, and so on.
Like the Cat in the Hat.
But as the metaphor swallows its own tail, let me also observe that Mr Theodore Seuss Geisel is a force of nature!

Well, it's now after 10:00 and I'm up at 3 so, probably cut it off right there.

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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