Monday, June 1, 2015

MOKF: Day 1

I am home.

Three little words.  I want to laugh, cry, cheer, dance, and freak out -- all at once.

"Dude, what?", I'm sure you're asking about now, "Why you freakin' out over that?"

Well the thing is, the, "I am home", isn't in the everyday sense, but rather in the big and permanent sense.  Like, as in, the, "I just resigned my well-paying software engineering job with nothing but a vague, general idea of what I'm going to do with myself", sense.

Am I a crazy person?
According to the magic 8-ball, "signs point to yes".

So, in other news, what's this MOKF thing in the title?
Long story short, MOKF = Month Of KungFu.  Related back to Jon Acuff's "30 days of hustle", but this is more of the P90x, insane person, keep going till you barf, rendition.

Case in point, I've got the whole day scheduled out down to 15-minute blocks.  All 8 kids, wife, mother-in-law...  And here's the best part:  We're up at 3:AM!

So I ask again... Am I a crazy person?
According to the magic 8-ball, "you are one sick puppy".
(I didn't even know that was one of its options!)

So, in summary: unemployed, surrounded by midgets, and beating myself to kibble with the schedule of doom.

Game on, bro. Game on.

(Now comes the time where I conclude the post with the tag line that I've already chosen for this blog.  And, yes, I appreciate the sick irony of it.)

Live YOUR adventure!
- E.L. Fletcher

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