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Chapter 30: Walking Away

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Juggernaught: A Moast Unusual Bible Study

The three held one tightly-bound Myron Seebeck as his personal elevator descended in the direction of the basement parking garage.  Having time to kill, they decided to take him hostage, kidnapping him from behind his very desk.

Normally the place would have been guarded up tight, but at the moment his soldiers were somewhere between awake and asleep mentally.  They didn't know who they wanted to fight, but had a vague sense of anger a having been wronged.  It made navigating the halls a bit of a gamble, and the cards were stacked against new faces like their own.

"What did you do with Howell?"  With a surprising amount of force for her size Misty slammed the man against the mahogany veneer lining the side of the elevator.

It must have hurt, but he only chuckled in response to her question.

"Tell me!  Or I'll..."

Seebeck spat the defiant reply, "You'll what, little girl?  Cry to your mommy?"

She ground her teeth.  She was capable of, and on the verge of, beating the man to a pulp.  Since half of every couple from their triple-date was now missing due to his handiwork, neither of the boys felt particularly compelled to stop her.

"Or maybe you want to call the police?" he offered the idea only to pull it back again.  "Oh, that's right.  I own the police."

The conversation was interrupted by a soft chime.  The door slid open.

The garage beyond seemed almost exactly the same as the day they had arrived.  Army trucks still stood in neat rows, though there seemed to be a few missing now.  The rolling steel exit door stood wide open, letting in blinding white light from the outside world.

"Cut him loose.", said jack.

Wendell did.

"What?  That's it?", said the leader in astonishment.  "You fools don't realize that my army is on its way to tear you apart.  "Or maybe you'll take a ride in my sacrificial chamber."

The teens were already walking towards the nearest truck and paid him no attention.

"ANSWER ME!", demanded the primadonna.

They didn't want to give him the satisfaction and only climbed inside.  Jack started the engine.

Wendell popped his head out the window.  "Sorry, but we sorta misled you.  We already know Howell was on your side, because we've already seen how your sacrificial chamber works.  We have all the evidence we need to put you away and as for your army... I would be running away, if I was you."

"That's right", agreed Jack, "if you listen close you can hear they're on their way now.  And with no troops, no voodoo, no drug, and no production plant, they'll tear you apart."

"That's impossible!", challenged the leader.

A shout echoed through the cavernous space.  From the far end of the parking garage a group of angry men in fatigues was making for Seebeck at double-time.  Every doorway or vehicle they passed seemed to add more to their number.

Seebeck produced a concealed sidearm and aimed it through the open window at the departing Bible Study.  His hand trembled in rage.

More shouting.

Realizing that every bullet must count, the man reluctantly swung it toward gathering mob.  There were too many to fight it out, and they were too well armed.  He'd done his job too well!

Seebeck broke for the open garage door.

He exited into the arid sun at the same instant the truck did.  One went North, the other went South.

Neither saw the other again.

THE END ...?

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