Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dem Duke Boys / God is GOOD

Just a quick update.
God is good. (In case you didn't already know that.)

You might surmise that there's a story behind me saying that.  If so, you surmised well.  Good job.

I recently had quite a scare as my writing laptop was inadvertently drenched in water!  I walked into the room, picked it up, and it was literally in a puddle!

Of course my mind starts racing... what did I have and what didn't I have backed up...?
(Some things.  Not enough for comfort, though.)

So, while I was busy having a nervous meltdown, DW went around to the kids to see what happened.  After much police-style interrogation, it turns out one of the younger ones thought life would be much cooler if we all came in and out of the house through the windows like the Dukes of Hazzard.

(Funny, I don't even remember ever letting them watch that show.)

So, yes, after many prayers of healing for electronics I disassembled everything and blew it out as best I could with compressed air.  Let it dry for a week and...


Did I happen to mention... God is GOOD!

So yeah, I've been back in to the blog.  Just uploaded a new book review, for The Occupied.  Very intense (though probably not as tense as having a year's worth of writing floating in a puddle).

The latest chapter of Juggernaught should be up tomorrow or the next day as well.  It's a very cool one, so definitely check that out.

Live Your Adventure,
-E.L. Fletcher

P.S.  God is GOOD!!!!