Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Future of Pants Cuffs and Yeti

Well, I'm back.  Glad to see all your smiling faces again.  (In the abstract sense, of course.)

But, hey, I slapped a few good keys over the Christmas break, so hopefully that might put me a step or two closer to another book.

Meanwhile, the other drags on.  And on.  And on.  It feels like a trackhoe slowly grinding its way down the road with all the speed of plate tectonics, meanwhile I'm like a nervous Chihuahua barking ineffectually at its heels.

Such is life.

Mostly though, I've been digging, digging, digging the snow.   We live on the mountainside directly across the valley from a ski resort, so you can imagine.  The driveway is very long, very steep, and very icy.

First rural'd problems:  When your driveway actually has switchbacks!

In anticipation of your question, yeah, I sometimes regret it.  But as soon the dreaded white stuff quits falling and the road melts back a little, I'm back to happy.  Then it's all "Winter Wonderland" like Perry Como don't know!

Why... just the other day I awoke to see the first frosty rays of dawn silhouetting a ma yeti and her calves wandering through our back yard.  So beautiful!

In completely random other news, I've suddenly taken to rolling up my pants cuffs.

I don't know why.  Kind of hard to explain, but it seems like they aren't "jiving" with my shoes the other way.  They chafe the shoes.  The shoes chafe them.  They get all wrinkly and weird when I tip my toe up.   It just seems... better this way.

So, I'm either on the cusp of a fashion breakthrough that will turn Vogue upside-down next season... or I'm just having some kind of psychological "moment" and I'll soon forget all about it.

You decide.

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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