Monday, August 24, 2015

Like a Steel Pipe to the Gut

What's new?

Well, we've decided to somehow get our house, in its disheveled state of constant construction by me and demolition by the kids, in shape for a birthday party for me this year.

That, on top everything else, including helping the kids run two businesses, and, oh yeah, getting published.

How did I ever have time to hold a job?
(And somehow the threat of running out of money and having to go back, still lingers.)

Speaking of the businesses, I've also been working like a madman to get their websites and social media all set up and inter-linked with etsy and ebay so they can do selling online.  I think getting this going for them may take their businesses to the next level, not only in terms of larger audience, but also better margins due to less of a "bargain bin" mentality you get at farmers' markets and swap meets.

And the only other thing to report is that I was working on a cabinet today and, due to a mishap, wound up taking a heavy steel pipe in the gut.  I'll spare you the pictures but I have a nice black and blue gash across my left side abdomen.

I could say that at that moment I only thought and said things befitting a man of God.
But that'd only add lying to the list of offenses.

I'd say I hope I'll do better at that next time, but frankly, I could do without there ever being a "next time".  Because... OW!

But hey, doing stuff means risk.  And even with that, it still beats not doing stuff.
So I guess for all my pain and complaining I wouldn't change a thing.

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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