Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July re-enactment.

Yesterday the plan layed out for today was to spend the day writing.
This did not work out.

Instead, we realized that today was the colonial re-enactment fair, (only) 90 miles away.

Starting out with a long drive and a van full of youngsters, that idea could easily have turned out to be a fiasco.

Thankfully, the fair was great!  There were plenty of great tradesmen explaining and showing their traditional craft.  That alone would have made the trip worth it!
Also, there were the required soldiers, muskets, booming cannons, all that.  Finally, there were re-enactments / slash / plays retelling important historical events surrounding the Revolution.

One event that the kids loved was the arrest and bringing of Isiah Thomas before the Grand Jury on charges of printing sedition against the Crown.  The actor portraying the British Magistrate did a stellar job.  He even came up with believable improv responses to the audience's obviously pro-American jeers.

What was especially interesting was that after the show was over, he laid his costume aside.  Though the events in question were about establishing the freedom of the press, and those in favor of it were accused of inciting riot, in comparison modern news is becoming more and more politically beholden AND has strongly contributed to several riots of late.

An interesting premise.

I guess the takehome is that those old guys in strange triangular headgear really knew their stuff when they tried to keep the government from asserting control over the media.

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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