Thursday, June 25, 2015

What does, "Live YOUR adventure" even mean? (MOKF: Day 25)

For quite awhile I've wanted to do this.  Today I've got nothing new to report, so why not?

The topic for today is, "What do you mean by 'Live YOUR adventure' ?"

It's a good question.  A lot of times we think in terms of adventurers being "out there" somewhere.  Like Michael Moast, he's just fiction.  And Charlamange, that was a different age.  And so on.  Nothing personally applicable about it.

Instead, we put on our tie, sit in rush hour, deal with meaninglessness 9-5, and then come home to a night of bad Burger King and worse reality TV.  That's what "real life" is, not some adventure we could only read about.

In case you haven't gathered by my having quit the cubicle farm, eating home grown and all natural, and not having a TV in the house... I reject the "real life", listed above.

I'd rather live MY adventure.

And why not?  Don't I get to choose (for better or worse) how I'll spend my day?  If so, why not choose something... you know... worthwhile?

That's quite a paradigm shift, I know.  Like Scott Adams said, "A paradigm shifting without a clutch".
It could be big.  But then, it also brings up some interesting questions that really need to be answered first.

It is my intention to answer those that come to mind over the next several days.  As long as things are slow, of course.  I still reserve the right to go off on any random thing at any random time.  But such is bloggery!  ;)

Anyway, let me close with a pending admonition to...
Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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