Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MOKF: Day 30 (Made it!)

This is officially the last day of the now legendary MOKF (Month Of Kung Fu)!
It feels like crossing the finish line of a marathon.
Only no medals.

So how did it all work out?

The schedule of doom, though fairly high on the bum-kickativity meter in the beginning, has indeed become habit.

I've made a lot of progress in a number of areas and leaned quite a bit about what the best next steps are for getting published.  True, I secretly held out hopes of being able to announce a release date ahead of schedule.  But, patience.

(I hate patience.)

Physical-wise I didn't lose really any weight to speak of, which was a little bit of a surprise going from desk job to an all, "go, go, go" lifestyle, plus exercise on top.  Then again, my pants are now seriously sagging.  (I gangsta, yo!)  So I suspect there's a lot of conversion to muscle going on.

Unfortunately the LCD on my scale is cracked so I can't read the body fat sensor reading.  In other words, I could always be deluding myself instead.  I don't think so, but hey, fair's fair.

 So what's next?

I'll probably keep on course with this for the foreseeable future.  Like I say, it has become habit now, and the simplest path to follow is the one you're already on.


The biggest change I think will be having to come up with a name and topic for blog posts from here on out.  I dabbled in that a little with the Q&A last week, so I'll probably do a bit more of that to start out.

Besides that, I plan on the following next goals:
1) Get some feedback in.
2) Advertise the blog.
3) Start looking ahead to final manuscript and pre-release promo's.
     (That's right, folks!  Plenty of free moochin's to be had in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye peeled for that!)

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

** KFIAWOL = Kung-Fu Is A Way Of Life
I just made that up.  Pretty snappy, huh?

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