Friday, June 19, 2015

MOKF: Day 19

It has been a pretty wild day.  A lot of putting todo lists on hold in favor of building relationships.  But why are we on Earth to begin with, for schedules or for people?  Right?  Right.

It started out in the morning, saying simply, "presently out of work", and leaving it at that.  Slowly through the day working up to actually announcing that I've left Cubeville of my own deliberate choice and that I've written a first novel with a second on the way.

Basically, telling the whole truth of the situation and waiting for the expression to cross the other party's face like I've picked up the habit of eating live kittens for dinner.

So far, however, reactions have all been polite and positive.  But then, I'm not very good at reading people, so there could be an element of, "this dude's slid off his cracker", lying just beneath the surface.

People skills.  What can you do?

Right now I'm not too concerned who thinks I'm a looney tune.  I'd like to pretend that's because I'm so emotionally secure, but really it's just that my feet are killing me!

I need to go grab some magnesium (aka epsom salts) to soak them in.
In the meantime...

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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