Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MOKF: Day 16

DW has added her own ingredients to the research stone soup, and I must say, it has already helped tremendously!  Sometimes all you need is another pair of eyes looking at a problem.

Besides some great new perspective on individual publishers, I also learned that I may have already missed out on a few pre-sales marketing opportunities.  In fact, all that I've really even done in that regard is this blog, which I've maintained, but not publicized even to friends yet.

 I really need to get that ball rolling, and to do some other things to rile people up and get them excited.

Furthermore, not only did the amazing (and talented, and sexy, etc) lady do that, but even as I speak, she is undertaking a deep cover mission on the project's behalf.

That's right!  Just as the team from the book slips into secret insurgent compounds and the like, she has gone on an intelligence-gathering expedition to...  <dramatic pause>  the library!

Her mission: to infiltrate the encampment, to survail the target, and to discretely pump said subject for classified information.

Translation: to go to a book-signing by a veteran author, and see what she can learn about how to get this thing done.

She was chosen for this clandestine assignment partially for her superior communication skills (former sales) but mostly for the sake of getting out of the house before certain wild munchkins drive her completely fruitloops.

P.S.  Trying to get kids to bed in the summertime when it's still light out...  never a recipe for peace and well-being.

Put it this way:  Did you ever see Gremlins II?  (If not, GOOD!)  Well, what they do is they hire all these huge cranes to drape the infested downtown highrise in black cloth and set all the clocks in the building ahead so the slathering beasties think it's nighttime.

Quite frankly, I'm seeing a real-life application for this right about now!  ;)

Live YOUR adventure!
- E.L. Fletcher

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