Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MOKF: Day 10

Still trying to make sense of the jumbled coleslaw of publishing options available out there.

The main hiccup seems to be that those which provide the simplest models and the highest margins are also those that are persona-non-grata with the distribution catalogs.

I'll just come out and say it plain and simple:  Amazon threw a major monkey wrench into the works when it started being both publisher and distributor.  Now other distributors start balking, going, "that's too much power", and "why should I buy things published by my biggest competitor?"

That leaves fools like us standing in the middle are like Seuss' proverbial Zode in the Road with no optimal answer, and an imminent need for new Dockers.

Do I want simple and profitable publishing and to seamlessly tie into the Amazon machine, or do I want everybody else to carry it?  Red pill / blue pill, Neo?  Decisions, decisions...

But, hey, I did stumble across a couple of big breakthroughs for book 2!

First off, found out a bit of an understated little miracle in the Bible.

I wasn't even looking for that.  Morning Bible study with the kids, and, biyonk!  There it is.  Right in line with exactly what I was writing!
(It actually made that noise, too.  You'd be surprised. ;) )

Secondly, I discovered that some random person on the interwebz had mapped out a strange alternative explanation of the historical events it is based on.  Not that I personally prefer it over the traditional explanation, nor would it require any more or less re-writing of my story at this point than the other way.  Seems reasonable enough to be appealing though.

The geography of the alternative provides some neat tie-ins I could use.  And mostly, I confess that I liked upsetting the apple cart in the first book with the location of the lost empire.  Throwing a few zingers at established academic tradition is quite fun and interesting, I've decided.

If I start doing things like planting hidden messages on the back of the Declaration of Independence though, somebody please take my keyboard away and put me in the corner for a 'time out'. ;) ;)

Live YOUR adventure!
-E.L. Fletcher

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